While Drake didn’t go into much detail regarding collaborations for his follow-up to Scorpion, he did mention a Chris Brown collaboration was made ("I don’t know what’s going to make the album, but we have done more music together"). He also gave some insight into how he’s approaching the project. "I’ll go like three weeks in between making songs, just because like I’m just kind of enjoying life. I’m enjoying living, going out with people. Investing in personal connections, and it’s just making my music better."

As far as the length of the album, Drake said that, despite loving how concise he was with Nothing Was the Same (13 tracks; 15 tracks for deluxe), he doesn’t plan on going that route in the immediate future because he wants to appease his range of fans. "I have to do two things every album. I have to give the people that like to hear the singing enough to hold on to, and I have to give [Le]Bron enough bars."