Drake is back with a new song titled "War." He also dropped off a music video for the track.

On the song, Drake raps about his relationship with The Weeknd and others. "OVOXO link up, mandem drink up, me in the drillers/Hawk and Stix and Cash and Baka, Gucci, P, and Gilla/And the boy that sound like he sang on Thriller/You know that's been my n***a, yeah/We just had to fix things, family, 6 tings, we can't split up," Drake raps over the drill beat, which was produced by AXL Beats. Hawk Marley, Stix, and Cash are aligned with XO while Baka Not NicePreme, and Gilla are aligned with Reps Up and OVO. Drake closes out that track by rapping, "Anyone I'm beefin' with is a no name/N***as can't even win home games/They just gotta fall in line like Soul Train."

OVOXO LIVES ON. Sounds like Drake and The Weeknd are good.

“And the boy that sound like he sang on Thriller, you know that been my n***a.” #WAR pic.twitter.com/RO0LyZ098t

— Complex Music (@ComplexMusic) December 24, 2019

Watch the video for "War," which was directed by Theo Skudra and features Drake and crew at a ski resort, up top via YouTube.

The track is included on the newly released El-Kuumba Tape Vol. 1. The tape is a collaboration between OVO's Oliver El-Khatib and Kuumba International. Take a listen to El-Kuumba Tape Vol. 1 below via SoundCloud. "War" begins at the 42:52 mark.