Drake's latest album, Scorpion, is many things. First and foremost: It's a record-breaking project. After just three days, the double album broke the one-week U.S. streaming record, with 435 million on-demand streams. Aside from that, Scorpion has the run time of a full-length movie, at an hour and 30 minutes. With contemporary rap album run times settling around 45 minutes, and Kanye West's 7-track production experiment changing everyone's perception of what a full-length album could be, Drake and the gargantuan Scorpion are choosing to take a right turn while everyone else heads straight or slightly left. 

A byproduct of a lengthy project is we, as listeners, have many, many more things to listen for. But let's not front: We all scrambled to find every relevant bar about Drake's now-confirmed son, Adonis. (Thanks again to Pusha-T for bringing the truth to light.) Drake wasn't shy about finally fessing up to the world in that regard, but in our pursuit of Drake's paternal admissions, we low-key missed a bunch of other things on the album. There's some dirt; there are some hat-tips; and there are more (!) details about his son that we simply glossed over the first go-round.

After making our way through the very long Scorpion a few more times, we picked up on seven small tings you may have missed after an initial listen. Let see if you peeped them too.