Producer(s): Tay Keith & Silent Assassin
Album: N/A
Label: OVO/Warner Bros. Records

Some of Drake's most well-known hooks are of him singing—"Hotline Bling," anyone?—but the most impactful ones are those where he sounds like he's two seconds away from catching a body (or telling someone else to catch it for him). "Look Alive" is a perfect example. With an even, low tone that suggests he's in thug mode, Drake kicks off the track by shouting out a local street in Memphis, the city where the song's lead artist Blocboy JB is from, and the city where Drake's dad has roots. Throughout the hook, which is painted exquisitely over a beat that was made to live in your head, The Boy talks cash money shit about how he's unfuckwittable. The best line, though, comes with a moment of self awareness: "I've been gone since, like, July, ni**as actin' like I died." Even when he's spitting hard shit, Drake is still paying attention to how we're paying attention to him. That's how the best hooks are made, ladies and gentlemen. —Kiana Fitzgerald