Album: The LP

It’s wild how things that should happen just don’t, right? For example, you’d think that a solo album from Harlem's Large Professor—the creative force behind Main Source and one of the producers behind Nas’ Illmatic, with production credits for everyone from Eric B and Rakim to A Tribe Called Quest at the time—would automatically get the greenlight and hit the public...right? Nope! After the release of this working man, get money anthem, The LP, which was set to drop in 1996 on MCA ended up being shelved indefinitely, was Extra P’s opus. Back in 1996, a single from The LP was released, lead by the jazzy “I Juswanna Chill" that ended up getting some burn on the radio and club circuits, but ultimately wasn't enough to get his label (Geffen at the time) interested. Odd considering that his M.O. at the time was written right into the title. —khal