Label: Ruffhouse, Columbia

Producer Salaam Remi delivered Pras, Wyclef and Lauren Hill a life boat when he delivered the "Nappy Heads" remix. The promise of their debut had been marred by ill-advised Shout Rap tactics and underwhelming production, but Remi's breezy, majestic reimagining of their second single made it all click together.

The trio abandoned the grimy delivery for a more natural, melodic vocal approach, L-Boogie flexed her impressive singing voice, and it all just clicked. Following this formula for The Score saw the group become superstars, as they delivered a confident collection of powerful songs, bolstered by the popularity of their cover version of Roberta Flack's torch song, "Killing Me Softly."

The group would go their separate ways after this project with mixed results (for Pras at least), but for a brief period following the release of this album, the world was theirs.