Album: Put It in Your Mouth

What do you expect from a guy whose debut album was called Vagina Diner? “Put It in Your Mouth” is as crass as rap gets, with not-so-clever lyrics—“Get on your knees, make like the breeze, begin to blow”—delivered sloppily over a pretty basic beat driven mostly by an acoustic guitar sampled from jazz-funk band Brick’s 1977 song “Fun” and drums from Al Green’s “I’m Glad You’re Mine.” It’s raw and one-dimensional, but it’s so fucking catchy, and the juxtaposition of the lighthearted tone and the sexually explicit lyrics gives the song a kitschy charm. “Put It in Your Mouth” earned Akinyele’s EP of the same name a spot on the Billboard 200, but it was a one-off hit for the Queens rapper, who never achieved much success in music again. He did, however, find another way to cash in on his passion by investing in successful strip clubs across the country. Go figure. —Jacob Moore