Album: Paperwork
Producer: London on da Track
Label: Grand Hustle Records, Columbia Records

A T.I. song in name only, "About the Money" served as a proper coming out party for Young Thug. It was his first song to break the top 50 on the Billboard Hot 100 and it got him a performance on a late night show. The world finally got to meet Atlanta's worst kept secret. With London on da Track laying a soulful, baroque foundation for Thug to perform his elastic vocal tricks, the first single from Tip's Paperwork showed what can happen when Thugger is forced to focus his energy. T.I. is T.I., meaning it's utterly impossible for him not to rap well, and he does here, staying perfectly in pocket while tossing off enough great lines that it's difficult to highlight just one. However, he rightfully follows Thug's lead, littering the chorus and bridge with his version of scatting, while Thug croons about shining like a reverend. In the future, this will be acknowledged as the moment the torch was passed from one generation of trap stars to the next. —Damien Scott