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Drake has gifted what looks to be a customized Chrome Hearts-branded Rolex to his “Wants and Needs” collaborator Lil Baby.

The two have linked up a number of times throughout their careers, and it’s clear there’s a lot of love between them. In a simple post sharing a picture of the jewelry on his Instagram Story, Lil Baby showed off the impressive looking watch, alongside the words “thank you” directed at Drake. Featuring a studded Chrome Hearts logo, which would check out since Drake has been collaborating with the iconic brand as of late, the gift comes after the release of Baby’s collaborative No. 1 album with Lil DurkThe Voice of the Heroes

While neither Drake or Lil Baby specified the occasion for the gift, it would be safe to assume it’s a congratulatory prent following the release of The Voice of the Heroes.

It’s not just Drake that’s been feeling generous recently, however, as Lil Baby gave fellow Atlanta rapper Gunna a shoebox filled with cash for his 28th birthday. He was also recently captured carrying bags of new shoes which he gifted to residents in his old neighborhood.

“Buying shoes ain’t what I mean by saving community or giving back !!” he wrote on his Instagram Story at the time. “That was some shit I did cause I seen a lot of them had on flip flops. When I say save community I mean centers,programs, jobs. You can’t imagine the shit I don’t post…”