Kim Kardashian's Own Breasts Were Used as Prototype for SKIMS Nipple Push-Up Bra

The bra's "perky, braless look" is modeled after the SKIMS founder.

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The $64 SKIMS Nipple Push-Up Bra is not your typical push-up bra: it features visible "nipples" modeled after the breasts of founder Kim Kardashian.

The business mogul and reality star joined as a special guest on the latest episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where she discussed her vision behind the best-selling bra, which has "built-in nipples."

According to Kardashian, it was her plan to “put the nipples in there,” which she “actually molded after” her bust. In six different colorways, the bra has a "built-in raised nipple detail for a perky, braless look that makes a bold statement," per its online description.

Kardashian discussed her new product around the 4-minute mark of the video below, explaining that the bra is a fan favorite among breast cancer survivors.

Kardashian admitted that since they're modeled after her own chest, she'd easily recognize if a woman was wearing the bra. She also shared how her younger sister Khloé Kardashian responded, while wearing the bra, when Scott Disick “made a comment” about the bra being “inappropriate.”

"She was like, ‘Oh no, they’re not mine. They’re Kim’s,'” Kardashian joked about Khloé's response.

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The SKIMS bra isn't Kim's first time having an item exclusively designed after her shape. Her now-defunct KKW Body II fragrance was also modeled after her curvaceous figure.

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