To celebrate and honor his friend on his 28th birthday, Lil Baby headed out with Gunna and his friends to the club this weekend.

When it came time for gift-giving, Lil Baby kept it simple and gifted his Drip Harder brother an Air Jordan shoebox full of cash. In a video posted to Instagram, Gunna seemed pretty satisfied with his gift, as he meandered around his circle carrying the box and flexing his jewelry to the camera. While it’s unclear how much money was actually in the box, it looked like quite a large sum.


Both Gunna and Lil Baby have a lot of reasons to celebrate this year. Gunna, who is still comfortably coasting off the No 1. album success of Slime Language 2, is set to headline the JMBLYA festival series in Texas this summer alongside Future. He also showed up to celebrate a fan’s birthday earlier this week, gifting her a flashy Cartier watch as a present. When he’s not working and partying it up with his fans, he’s helping Thugger post bail for Fulton County Jail inmates and recently freed 30 people from the jail who were incarcerated on minor charges. As for Lil Baby, his joint project The Voice of the Heroes with Lil Durk is still hot and last week sold 158k, shooting to the top of the Billboard charts and giving Lil Durk his first number 1 album ever. 

Despite both MCs’ busy schedules, it's clear Gunna and Lil Baby’s relationship runs deep.