10 Times Celebrities Wore Absolutely Ridiculous Things

Usher's viral puffer hat got us thinking about some of the unhinged things that we've seen celebrities wear over the years.

Three celebrities at an event: first in a white outfit with shorts, second in a red meat dress, third in red jacket and brown hat

No matter how stylish you are, you’re going to have some misses.

People brick fits every single day. But the moment that got us thinking about some of the other absolutely unhinged attire that celebrities have worn over the years was Usher’s recent viral headwear. The R&B legend has been spotted at a few appearances throughout April 2024 in a hate that resembles a puffer jacket. The beige winter coat for your cranium appears to be a design by Maison Mihara Yasuhiro, who is actually a great designer. Many of you likely know him for his wavy, Converse-inspired footwear. But this design, at least on Usher's head, just comes off as a bit silly. At least the hat might double as a pillow-like cushion if you want to rest your head at a moment’s notice? The viral accessory also made us recall a very important lesson: Just because something was is from a well-known designer brand or handed to you by a stylist does not mean that it will result in a good fit.

While things like MSCHF’s Big Red Boots and those giant hats definitely fit the criteria of being ridiculous, they also became cultural phenomena. They weren’t just one-off instances, so we’re going to take them out of consideration. Things like this iconic Gunna outfit were also taken out of consideration because it reached “so bad it’s good” territory after Rihanna’s Halloween costume.

Yes, before you start thinking, “But what about this one? They forgot that one,” we are well aware that there are hundreds, if not thousands, more examples of celebs rocking bad outfits. We had to curate this thing somehow, so here are 10 that we find particularly memorable.

Three celebrities at an event: first in a white outfit with shorts, second in a red meat dress, third in red jacket and brown hat

Marques Houston's Invisible Suit

Ludacris' Rick Owens Fit

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This one has more to do with all of the things surrounding the outfit than the actual clothes themselves. Rick Owens has been pulled off by plenty of individuals from ASAP Rocky to Playboi Carti. There is nothing inherently wrong with Rick Owens. But it just looks completely out of place on Ludacris. Luda is usually a pretty calm dresser, so this one just feels like it came completely out of left field. What makes this one even weirder is that he wore this to star in a State Farm Insurance commercial. Maybe there’s some inside joke here. But at face value, we can’t help but think of this meme when we look at Luda trying to pull off his finest Rick fit. 

Pharrell's Vivienne Westwood Hat

Lady Gaga's Meat Dress

Gunna's "Back Outside" Shirt

Kyle Kuzma's Pink Sweater

DreamDoll's Yankee Fitted Top

Lil Durk's Skateboard Sweater

Fabolous' Puffer/Trench Combo

Nah wassgud w him, He don’t got nobody telling him anything? pic.twitter.com/Wa0UTzg3vq

— Max PorteЯ💫 (@Waveybiggaveli) February 14, 2024
Twitter: @Waveybiggaveli
Yes, there was definitely a time when Fabolous was fly. But as he aged, things progressively got harder to co-sign. Frankly, he has an astounding track record of ridiculous outfits. There are plenty of options to choose from. But we’re going to go with this puffer jacket/trench coat combination. Just pick one or the other, man. Even his Jon Stan Yankees fitted couldn’t save this one.

Spike Lee's Puffer Jersey

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