Design Credits: Joe Casely-Hayford; Casely-Hayford

Joe Casely-Hayford could quite easily be the hardest working man in the fashion industry. Since the mid-80s, he's designed his eponymous men's and women's line, which won him the Womenswear British Designer of the Year in 1989, and Innovative Designer of the Year in 1991. And that's where Casely-Hayfor's resumé began growing into a list as thick as "War & Peace."

He was the first designer to create an exclusive range for Topshop, designed for films, consulted for ballets, and dressed an absurd amount of musicians in his unique but wearable clothing. He's the bespoke designer of choice for names like Lou Reed, U2, The Clash, Liam Gallagher, and many others. Influencing the look of rock 'n roll's most stylish stars is of course going to get you noticed, and Casely-Hayford consistently makes lists of the top designers in creative influencers in London. And it must run in the family. Along with his son Charlie, the two launched Casely-Hayford in 2009, mixing Savile Row tradition with British Anarchy attitude. As Joe passes the torch to Charlie, the family name is definitely safe in the hands of one of London's need-to-know fashion insiders.