In 2021, Nike collaborating with streetwear brands has become the norm. Names like Supreme, Clot, and Undefeated have been adding to their catalogs of memorable Nike projects for years at this point. But 21 years ago, with the original release of its Air Huarache collab, Stüssy was the first. 

A well-respected streetwear OG in its own right, Stüssy has faded in and out of the spotlight a handful of times throughout its four-decade history. Over the past two years, it seems to have righted the ship though, especially in the sneaker space. Consistent collaborations with Nike that have included everything from its take on the classic Air Force 1 to a retro release of the Huarache that started it all have reminded plenty of people just how good Stüssy is when it comes to crafting memorable product. And if the past few months are any indication, the output won’t be slowing down soon either.

With all of the brand’s current momentum, we decided to take a look back at Stüssy’s best sneaker collabs. Check out our detailed top 10 list below.