Over the course of the past year or so, Nike SB has experienced a notable resurgence. The renewed attention on Nike’s skateboarding subdivision has caused plenty of pairs from its heyday in the 2000s to skyrocket on the resell market, when just a few years ago the lack of demand for those exact pairs had them attainable for a fraction of their current value. The SB hype also sees the brand teasing new projects, as polarizing as they may be, with the likes of 7-Eleven and Ben & Jerry’s that attempt to channel the unique inspirations SB had become known for in the 2000s. Perhaps the biggest new project from Nike SB as of late has been its collaboration with Travis Scott.

While we aren’t here to claim that the Houston rapper is the sole reason for this current wave of SB hype, we would be silly not to acknowledge how impactful he has been on the spike in aftermarket prices. He’s also introduced younger sneakerheads of Nike SB’s past glory.

That being said, we have decided to run down all of the Nike SBs that La Flame has been spotted in. In some cases, he has caused these colorways to hit four-digit price points. In other instances, Travis is just flexing on everyone by showing off some of the rarest SB Dunks to ever (or never) release. From Stüssy Dunk Lows to FLOM Dunk Highs, check out a complete guide to all of the Nike SB Dunks that have been worn by Travis Scott as of late below. 

Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Low 'White'

Supreme’s Dunk Lows being some of the most expensive and celebrated is nothing new. The resell prices and allure were instilled far before they were seen on Travis. That being said, this fit was still a great homage to yesteryear as the rapper laced them up for his set at Pharrell’s Something in the Water festival in Virginia Beach back in 2019 paired with an BBC ICECREAM T-shirt.

Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Low 'Black'

Obviously, Travis has both colorways of Supreme’s SB Dunk Low collab from 2002. He has always had a habit of rocking collectible Supreme items, which is a bit ironic given his eventual relationship with Jordan Brand—the same brand that inspired this classic colorway. He’s been spotted in the black option a few times, but one of the cooler moments was him wearing them next to popular contemporary artist George Condo, who many of you might know as the artist behind the cover art for Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Supreme x Nike SB Dunk High 'University Blue'

If a collector is heavily into Nike SBs, chances are they own at least one colorway of Supreme’s Dunk High collaboration. As one of the faces of the SB resurgence, it’s no surprise that Travis was also spotted in these. Again, these needed no assistance to be expensive on the resell market. But chances are, at least a few people searched these up in their size after seeing a photo with him wearing them for the first time.

Nike SB Dunk High 'De La Soul' (2015)

Not nearly as highly-regarded as the originals, the flipped pack of De La Soul Dunks from 2015 is still attainable today for a fair price. Showing he is not strictly limited to expensive originals, there was a period when Travis was wearing this SB Dunk High. This is a rare exception to what we will call “The Travis Effect,” and prices never shifted much in response to him wearing them.

Stüssy x Nike SB Dunk Low

This is probably the grandest example of “The Travis Effect” at work. Considered by many to be one of the best SB Dunk Lows of all time, Stussy’s ice cream-inspired collab from 2005 was still pretty easy to find floating in the $400-$500 range not too long ago. Then Travis wore them. A pair of these sold for $10,000 on StockX in March 2020. The average resell price on the marketplace is now at $1,426. You can pretend that Travis has nothing to do with it, but that would be silly. Clearly, this is one of his favorites too, and many believe the pink laces included with his brown Air Jordan I and Air Jordan I Low collabs to be a nod to this project.

Nike SB Dunk Low 'Homer'

Inspired by iconic cartoon father Homer Simpson, this colorway from SB’s early years is another one that was relatively affordable before the recent SB boom. Seen on Travis more frequently than others, it will now cost you upwards of $1,000 to secure a pair in deadstock condition.

Nike SB Dunk Low 'What the Dunk'

Before the concept jumped the shark, there was the “What the Dunk” SB Dunk Low. A mashup of popular colorways from SB’s heyday, the pair has long been a collector’s item for many. Travis must have been one of those people because this is another one he has been seen in with frequency over the past year or so. A size 10.5 sold on StockX last week for $7,500. Pretty much no regular person is spending that on a pair of sneakers, so this one will have to continue to be admired from afar. 

Nike SB Dunk Low 'Buck'

​​​​​​​The founder of the “Nike Boyz” movement showed some love to Nike co-founder Phil Knight when he laced up the “Buck” SB Dunk Low inspired by the Shoe Dog’s alma mater on Instagram back in September 2019. Another early SB Dunk Low available for right around $400 for awhile, the prices began to climb shortly after Travis worth them, and can now fetch four digits in the right size. 

Nike SB Dunk Low 'Paris'

​​​​​​​Name an ultra rare Nike SB Dunk and Travis has probably worn it in the past two years. The “Paris” was never an easy shoe to get and was widely regarded as a grail to many far before the Houston rapper wore them. This is just an amazing courtside flex. Oh. A pair just sold for $40,000 not too long ago too. Yes, you read that number correctly. 

Nike SB Dunk High 'Papa Bear'

​​​​​​​If you survey the people into SBs back in the mid 2000s, most of them will tell you this shoe sucks—Complex’s own Matt Welty included. And to be honest, it does, but Travis seems to like it. He isn’t the only one either. People are spending over $1,000 for these. Smart investment? No, especially not for someone that doesn’t possess the disposable income of a multi-platinum rapper. There are better options out there if you want some expensive Dunks, though.

Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunk Low

​​​​​​​Of course it was only a matter of time before Nike let Travis get his own SB Dunk Low collab. It just made too much sense for it to not happen. As one should have expected, the Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunk Low, tearaway paisley panels and all, is one of the biggest releases of 2020. Of course, he wears this one all the time now. Some love it. Some hate it. But if there is a shoe that cements that impact Travis has had on the SB market, it is probably this one. 

Nike SB Dunk High 'Ferris Bueller'

This Dunk High from 2008 inspired by the main protagonist in ‘80s cult classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off fits in perfectly with Travis’ affinity for the color brown. The cheetah print tongue and laces always set this pair off and made them stand out even more.

Nike SB Dunk Low 'Tokyo'

​​​​​​​Part of the famed City Pack from 2004, the “Tokyo” SB Dunk Low is one of the more minimal colorways in the SB archive. Limited to only 202 pairs released via raffle, this one isn’t seen often. Of course, Travis is one of the few lucky enough to own a pair today and he was happy to show them off.

Futura x Nike SB Dunk Low

​​​​​​​Another pair steadily seen in Travis’ rotation is Futura’s SB Dunk Low collab from 2003. The first SB designed by the legendary graffiti artist, Futura 2000, this pair is devoid of his notable graphics like the Pointman, instead showcasing a clean mix of colors and materials.

Concepts x Nike SB Dunk Low 'Yellow Lobster'

Concepts’ “Lobster” series has resulted in four retail releases, but the most coveted for many is the friends and family “Yellow Lobster” iteration. Said to be limited to only 34 pairs, this is just another example of Travis proving that few rappers can match his collection of SB Dunks.

Concepts x Nike SB Dunk Low 'Purple Lobster'

Concepts revisited its “Lobster” concept back in 2018 when the current SB surge was starting to really pick up. Travis Scott helped with some organic promo by lacing up the purple pair a handful of times, one of which during a talk at Harvard University dropping some knowledge.

Concepts x Nike SB Dunk Low 'Green Lobster'

​​​​​​​Following the “Purple Lobster” release, Concepts began to tease a more limited green version. Aside from Concepts creative director Deon Point, Travis was one of the first people to tease the colorway on social media

Reese Forbes x Nike SB Dunk Low 'Denim'

​​​​​​​Nike SB team rider Reese Forbes was responsible for a few memorable SB Dunk colorways over the years, maybe none as popular as his second official release covered in denim. Debuting in 2002, the pair sells for an average of around $6,300 today on StockX. It was such a memorable color scheme from SB’s infancy that a Dunk High inspired by it was released in 2017 that can be copped for a much lower price point than its predecessor. 

Futura x Nike SB Dunk High 'FLOM'

“For Love Or Money” SBs were easily Futura’s most limited creation with Nike SB—only 24 pairs were produced. The limited nature of this Dunk High covered in various currencies from around the world has caused it to be a grail for many collectors. Of course, Travis has his pair.

Nike SB Dunk Low 'Freddy Krueger'

​​​​​​​There is probably no better occasion to flex that you own a pair of unreleased Freddy Krueger SB Dunk Lows than for a Halloween party, and that’s exactly what Travis did. This pair, clearly inspired by the horror movie icon, never released due to a cease and desist from New Line Cinema, which makes them one of the hardest-to-find and most expensive SBs ever.

Nike SB Dunk Low 'Carhartt'

​​​​​​​Years before Eminem created the “Carhartt” Air Jordan IV, the workwear brand was the inspiration for this SB Dunk Low from 2005. Despite the all-black pair resembling Carhartt’s canvas work jackets, it has no official affiliation with the brand. A similar pair was released a year prior that was bestowed the same nickname, but constructed of brown canvas. 

UNKLE x Nike SB Dunk High

​​​​​​​Futura artwork for James Lavelle’s british music group UNKLE, including the artist’s signature Pointman character, covers this popular SB Dunk High from the Pink Box era. This is another pair that was already on the pricier side before being worn by Travis. Even if you have no idea who UNKLE is, this is easily one of the better Dunk Highs to ever release. Depending on your age, seeing them on Travis made them even better.​​​​​​​

Medicom x Nike SB Dunk Low 'Medicom 2'

​​​​​​​More denim. For its second collab, Medicom decided to dress the SB Dunk Low in shades of black denim. Like many SBs from the early years, it will cost thousands for a DS pair of this 2004 release. SB reissued a similar pair in 2017 as a nod to the original, but it isn’t nearly important as the original. Another great selection by Travis

HUF x Nike SB Dunk High

​​​​​​​Another one of the more celebrated SB Dunk Highs ever released is HUF’s 2004 collaboration, which is noted for its tie dye paneling. Yet another instance of an old SB going for thousands on the resell market in 2020, Travis laced up his pair back in summer 2019 in an undisclosed parking lot with a Takashi Murakami x Louis Vuitton Keepall slung over his shoulder. Big flex.

Chocolate x Nike SB Dunk Low

​​​​​​​This simplistic collaboration with Chocolate Skateboards debuted in 2002 as part of SB’s original Orange Box series. Heel embroidery and a gum sole give some character to the all-black makeup. So did Travis Scott's outfit he decided to pair them with—a camouflage MMW x Nike balaclava and top with some woodland camo cargo pants. Don’t try to recreate this outfit, but if you have the money to spend and want a solid OG SB to add to your rotation, the “Chocolate” is a viable option.