J Balvin once told me I should stop acting like a grandpa, so I have motive to not be excited about his upcoming Air Jordan 2. That’s not the case. His Air Jordan 1 collaboration was a pivotal moment for Jordan Brand. Not only was it a bright and vibrant shoe, but it was also the first time a Latin music artist got their own Air Jordan collaboration. The shoe was well received and it set the stage for another sneaker from Balvin to be sought after. The sequel to Balvin’s 1 is a Jordan 2 and it looks to electrify in its own way: literally, the shoe features LED lights. It’s not the first time that’s been on a sneaker (Solebox did it on a Reebok Pump back in 2012), but it’s the first time we’ve seen it on an Air Jordan 2. And that’s all we’ve seen of the shoe so far, its lit-up logo on the tongue, as the rest of the model remains a mystery. — Matt Welty