This is one of those sneakers that feels like it was engineered in a lab to max out on hype levels. The base is an Air Jordan 1, a classic model that’s re-emerged in the past three years to become the most popular Air Jordan model, thanks most recently to its bizarre prevalence on TikTok. Then there’s the whole Travis Scott thing—you’re reading a list about all of his shoes that you can’t get access to, so the level of hype he brings shouldn’t need any explaining in this space. Then there’s the addition of Hiroshi Fujiwara’s brand Fragment Design, which played a part in re-establishing the Air Jordan 1 with its December 2014 collaboration in a similar colorway. That this pair is a low isn’t doing it any favors—the high is the preferred cut—but it’s still a sneaker that’s generated intense interest from the scant images of it available online. — Brendan Dunne