Locations: Based in Detroit, online

Selling process: StockX is based on a bid/ask process. You can list your sneakers for however much you want on the site and potential buyers can choose to accept your price or not. Buyers can also list their own prices, and if that amount is OK with the seller, they can chose to sell their shoes for that much. Once a deal is agreed upon, StockX will email you a shipping label to send the sneakers to them to be verified. The service typically gives you two business days to ship your sneakers, or else there will be a fee taken out of your price. They must be in the original box and unworn.

Fee: Seller fees are 9.5 percent, but the rates will decrease as soon as you complete three sales. Shipping costs $13.95. Payment processing is 3 percent.

Payment process: It's put in your PayPal account once the shoes are verified and shipped. You can also opt for direct deposit.

Pros: The more you use the service, the better. Your rates go down the more sneakers you sell. You don’t have to wait for someone to buy your shoes to get paid. If there is a bid for the sneakers you own and you’re OK with that price, you’ll have the money within a few days. You can also make educated guesses on how much you want to list your sneakers for, because StockX has a database of how much recent pairs sells for in their respective sizes.

Cons: StockX goes through a high volume of transactions and people have had issues, on the buying end, with the quality of some of the sneakers in the past.