Network: STARZ
Season: 1
Where to Watch: STARZ

Over the summer, acclaimed director Karena Evans told Complex's Watch Less podcast that she not only directed the pilot for STARZ's strip club-set drama P-Valley, but she effectively created the show's entire vibe. If you've watched anything she's done (aka every video from Drake's Scorpion album), you should know what time it was. After diving into the series, which follows the dancers and custies in a strip club in the Mississippi Delta, the series' style and flair is pure Karena, which is for the good. We've seen what goes down in the strip club from the music videos from some of your favorite rappers, but the sights and sounds have rarely been treated this beautifully before. The familial aspect of the women who work at The Pynk was treated wonderfully, with the work of Brandee Evans as Mercedes really shining bright. Executive producer Katori Hall did that. —khal