Celebrity: Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase's career hasn't been relevant for ages, so one would think he would have been thrilled when he was cast in the brilliant-yet-underrated NBC comedy Community, but this was not the case.

Instead, Chase shit-talked the show to anyone who would listen, left raging messages on creator and former showrunner Dan Harmon's voicemail, and threw fits on set so big that they would shut down production. He claimed that he knew comedy, and that Community wasn't comedy—it was just something he deigned to do because it paid the bills and he liked his co-stars. Additionally, he blasted the the n-word on set in the presence of his African-American co-stars Donald Glover and Yvette Nicole Brown because he was having trouble with his script. Yep, totally feel the love up in there.

Chase's run on Community is unsurprisingly set to come to an end soon. He was let out of his contract earlier this year, and his final episode will air during the upcoming season. He may have gotten what he wanted and been kicked off the show, but now the question becomes: Will anyone even be willing to hire him after his antics this past year? He did say that Community paid his bills, so now that his role is kaput, it's not paying the bills anymore.

If he is lucky enough to be cast in a new role this year, Chase needs to heed the old saying don't bite the hand that feeds, and be respectful towards those he works with. Starring in a string of National Lampoon films, and even Caddyshack, does not make one a hotshot decades later—it certainly doesn't make one an authority on comedy either. Far from it, actually: Has he even seen Christmas Vacation? —Tanya Ghahremani