Album: Romeo Must Die Soundtrack (2000)

In 2000, after three albums, DMX was still barking and yelling at the top of his lungs about not being a nice person. While some may know X only for his aggressive lyrics or his arrest record, any fan knows that he’s a deep dude, and Aaliyah brings out his softer side for “Come Back in One Piece.” It was the lead single on the soundtrack to Romeo Must Die, the Jet Li movie that featured Aaliyah and X.

What made the song work so well wasn’t just DMX using dog metaphors to proclaim loyalty for his girl—it was Aaliyah meeting him somewhere in the middle. Her voice may sound innocent, but Aaliyah always had a wisdom about her, like she had experienced far more life than she ever got the chance to. When she sang “Come Back in One Piece,” she did it like she really understood that all things, even DMX, are more complicated than they seem. —Jacob Moore 

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