Wiz Khalifa's official albums have been commercially successful, but this 2010 mixtape stands as the truest expression of his red-eyed artistic vision. From "Waken Baken" on down, Wiz sticks to the script with laser-like focus. As the artist explained to Complex scribe Insanul Ahmed, "That mixtape is raw, I did what I wanted to do. You can't do that on an album because other people gotta eat off that album."

Nevertheless, Khalifa's fans were not mad at the raw uncut, making #kushandorangejuice a trending topic on the day of the tape's release. On a flute-loop-driven cut called "The Statement," Wiz rhymes "Know we belong on the top, but we ain't trippin'/'Cause we'll get there in a minute." But who knows? Maybe he was already there. —Rob Kenner

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