Year: 2013

It is undeniable that Rich Homie Quan's voice sounds like Future's. It's even weirder that his voice sounds like Future's despite not using autotune. Quan, however, is no Sacario. he's written an actual hit with "Type of Way," and a more minor regional hit with "Differences." And he does rap from a personal perspective; as Quan put it in his interview with us, "I’d rather be judged on what I’m talking about, as opposed to how I sound, because that’s something that I can control. I can’t control how I sound at all, but I can control what I talk about."

But nonetheless, the comparisons must have started to get to Quan. This became particularly evident when Future went on Sway's show and made some comments about Quan's style. "I started this. You use the same pattern… You can’t use the same pattern that Future uses. You can’t say ‘turn up,’ you gotta say another word. You sound like Future… People gon’ put you in the Future category.”

Quan's response, "A Nigga," is musically not even bad, but it draws more attention to the comparison than is probably healthy for either of them. Being the guy who makes desiccated pitchy T-Pain-After-The-Apocalypse rap is apparently like being The Highlander: there can be only one. —David Drake