Joe Budden continued his recent lyrical assault on Drake with a new track, "Just Because." 

Budden announced the arrival of the song on Twitter late Friday night.

"Just Because" finds Budden saying that he is criticizing Drake out of love. "Sometimes love hurts," he says in the intro. 

The track finds Budden admitting that he might not have much to gain by continuing to dis the Canadian star. Despite that, he says that he hears his influence on Drizzy. "Ain't been dark in a while, pardon my style," he raps. "I think I hear my part in your style." 

He also accuses Drake of ripping off other artists, including Floetry, the r&b duo made up of Marsha Ambrosius and Natalie Stewart. "Advance for the singing nigga, and the margin is wild/Floetry the same as Marsh' and them now," he spits.

You can hear "Just Because" below. Immediately after the release of the song, Budden took to Periscope to share his thoughts.