The war of words between Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks has resumed once again.

Iggy is on the cover of the latest issue of Shut Your Pretty Mouth magazine, and when asked about Azealia Banks by the mag, she said the following:

She says shit about fucking anything. She called Perez Hilton a faggot. I think she trivialised gay culture... fucking whatever. She's biased about everybody and everything, even towards the people who help her. She even talked shit about the fashion industry after they basically gave her a career. I don't think anything about that girl man, she fucking talks shit out of her arse and that's her business.

Naturally, Banks took to Twitter to fire back a response, pointing out that the magazine had to ask about her during an interview for Iggy.

Lol they're STILL asking you, about ME, in what's supposed to be YOUR interview ? #YUNGRAPUNXELWINSAGAIN


So far, Iggy has not responded to Azealia Banks' tweets. A full history of the beef between the two can be found here.

In other Iggy Azalea news, the Australian took to Twitter to address reports that she recently crossed out an "A$AP" tattoo she had on her finger. According to Iggy, not only was the tattoo alteration old news, it should not have even been news at all.

FYI. I've had that tattoo crossed out for MONTHS. Hop off my nuts. Your late and It shouldn't be news anyhow.



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