Album: B'Day
Producer: The Neptunes, Beyoncé

Hear me out: "Kitty Kat" might be one of Beyoncé's most underrated cuts. The Pop&B queen didn't select it as a single from her 2006 album B'Day, but it was an undeniable standout. The song is ostensibly about Bey revoking nookie privileges from a partner who's not giving her the attention she needs. God bless The Neptunes, who laced Beyoncé with a deceptively simple beat that doesn't show its true colors until the last 40 seconds. During that time, Beyoncé spits a delicate rap (foreshadowing, anyone?), convincing us she's one of us, and internalizes cultural references, too: "You can call Tyrone/ You ain't gots to lie, Craig." It was a sneak peek at an accessible, humorous Bey that many of us didn't (and still don't) see on the regular. —Kiana Fitzgerald