Producer: Pharrell Williams, JAY-Z, Beyoncé

Braggadocious Bey is the best Bey, like on “Apeshit,” where she takes the time to remind us who the fuck we’re dealing with—as if we could ever forget. On first listen, it seems strange that Everything Is Love doesn’t open with the standout track, but its impact is actually felt more deeply as a 180-degree-turn follow up to the sweetness of “Summer.” The queen glides effortlessly from woke (“Or pay me in equity/ Watch me reverse out of debt”) to ignorant (“He wanna give me that vitamin D!”) and back again (“All of my people, I free 'em all”) over futuristic Pharrell production. She goes just as hard as JAY-Z, and sounds like she’s having the time of her life doing it. For the record, Beyoncé is the only person who’s allowed to call me a hoe.  —Carolyn Bernucca