Label: So Way Out/Priority Records ​
Released: April 28

The cover of G Perico’s album tells you exactly what to expect. The South Central rapper is dressed in blue, against a blue background, hair in blue curlers. The whole thing screams early ‘90s gangsta rap—the type of music that the late-20s Perico might have heard blasting around his neighborhood when he was in pre-school.

But there’s more to Perico than just a DJ Quik-style hairdo and a voice that has no small share of Quik’s lightness. All Blue manages to bring to mind the golden age of gangsta rap without slavishly imitating Dr. Dre or devolving into a Game-style namedrop fest.

The beats do have G-funk-style melodies and basslines. But the drums are contemporary sounding, trap hi-hats and all. The short songs, almost all two-verses-and-out with no guests, keep momentum going. And best of all, G Perico brings a sense of who he is—one that is, yes, rooted in the L.A. of South Central Cartel and Hi-C, but that has his own distinct personality. —Shawn Setaro