All of Drake's Canadian References on 'Certified Lover Boy'

Drake's long-awaited sixth studio album is here, and naturally, it's full of references to Canada. Here are all the ones we were able to spot.

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Drake’s long-awaited sixth studio album, Certified Lover Boy, is finally here. And given that The Boy is as patriotic as they come, showing love to his homebase every chance he gets (see: the “What’s Next” music video, the Views album cover, and his role as the Raptors’ unofficial coach), it’s only natural that his new LP is rife with references to Canada. From the country’s prime minister to Montreal crime bosses to his own street, he nods to a wide variety of people and places in the Great White North. Here are all the Canadian references on the album we were able to spot.

The title

The rock and roll group Loverboy are shown in this studio portrait

"Know I carry the guilt of the city’s misfortune on me”

dark lane demo tapes back cover fif

"The OVO letterman boys"

OVO x Toronto U

“City’s coming off a lockdown”


"I’mma f*ck her friends and send her back to Metro housin’"


"The world is yours, but the city’s mine”

Toronto skyline

“I made north of the border like Vito Rizzuto”


"You tell 'em I run the country, they'll say, 'True, though'"

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announces snap election on September 20

“Give that address to your driver, make it your destination"

Drake's mansion

"Have somebody put you on a Gildan, you play with my seed"

Gildan logo

"People recognize me from the TV but I’m done with that”

Aubrey Graham (Jimmy) and Shane Kippel (Spinner) during "Degrassi: The Next Generation" Celebrates 100th Episode at Degrassi High School Set in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

"How I'm supposed to wife it? You not Ayesha enough"

ayesha curry

“Unless Kawhi wanna run it back"

Kawhi Leonard #2 of the Toronto Raptors

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