Diddy Says Partners Will Hate Being With Him ‘25 Percent’ of the Time in Resurfaced Clip

Clips of the old 'Breakfast Club' interview are circulating online amid allegations Diddy assaulted several people he's been in relationships with.

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Questionable comments Diddy made about his romantic relationships in an old The Breakfast Club interview have resurfaced online amid the litany of abuse and misconduct allegations the Bad Boy Records founder is facing.

In an interview on The Breakfast Club in 2015, in which he was joined by his son Christian 'King' Combs, Diddy was asked about his remarks on Watch What Happens Live about his idea of a "love contract" as opposed to marriage. "I don't want to promise on nothing I can't deliver," he said when asked about marriage around the 28-minute mark of the interview, seen below.

"What I can deliver out of a pie, is I could promise you that... If I'm in a relationship with you, like 25 percent of your time you're gon' feel like, 'Oh man, I hate being here, oh man I hate this guy. Oh man, he cheated on me, he lied on me!'" he said. "That's 25 percent, know what I'm saying? But then there's 75 percent of 'I'mma make you the happiest woman in the whole wide world.' I'm going to be there to support your dreams, I'm going to be there to hold you, listen to you. I'm going to be there to be your best friend and I promise you'll smile the most. You know who I am, this is what it is: 25 percent, 75 percent, which deal would you choose?"

Host Angela Yee interjected to caution men from "trying this at home," to which Charlamagne added, "You gotta be worth a billion dollars." Diddy then raised his voice and continued, "No, no! You have to be honest, marriage is about honesty," he said. "This is a different type of marriage, let's go into a new time, a different type of marriage. ... I'm bringing 25 percent of some bullshit, okay?"

Yee asked Diddy if he would accept the same sort of situation from his romantic interests, which he said he would. "I didn't say [they could cheat], that was my list," he saiud.

Charlamagne jokingly pushed a weight towards Diddy and said, "If you think about cheating, here," in an apparent joke about domestic violence. "Definitely not doing that," Diddy replied.

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Diddy, 54, was accused of rape and years of abuse by his ex-girlfriend Cassie in a lawsuit filed last year. They reached a settlement the following day. Diddy's lawyer, Ben Brafman, said the settlement wasn't an "admission of wrongdoing." Disturbing surveillance footage of Diddy dragging and kicking Cassie in a hotel corridor in 2016 surfaced online earlier this month.

Following Cassie's lawsuit, at least seven others have filed lawsuits against Diddy, accusing him of physical violence and sexual assault. He has denied all of the allegations but did issue an apology after the surveillance footage of him assaulting Cassie circulated. An extensive report from Rolling Stone released earlier this week also included allegations that Diddy assaulted his girlfriend in front of other students during his time at Howard University.

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