Diddy Accusers Could Testify in Front of Grand Jury as Investigators Reportedly Look to Build ‘Bulletproof’ Case

Potential witnesses have reportedly not been prepped for testimony yet, because Homeland Security Investigators are still gathering evidence against Diddy.

Manny Carabel via Getty Images

According to those familiar with the federal investigation into Diddy, his accusers may soon testify before a federal grand jury, CNN reports.

Several witnesses have been informed they could be called to sit before a federal grand jury in New York City as part of the investigation into sex trafficking allegations made against Diddy. The witnesses would be connected to the eight civil lawsuits filed against Diddy since November last year, when his ex-girlfriend Cassie filed a since-settled lawsuit accusing him of years of abuse. Seven of those eight lawsuits accused Diddy of sexual assault, while one accused him of aiding and abetting his son Christian Combs' alleged sexual assault.

The sources said that the potential witnesses have not been prepped for testimony yet, because Homeland Security Investigators (HSI) are still gathering evidence. If an indictment is to be brought against Diddy, investigators want to ensure it's "bulletproof," one of CNN's two sources said. It is believed that federal investigators have interviewed most of those who have filed a lawsuit against Diddy.

While the federal investigation into Diddy was a result of the allegations leveled against him in the eight civil lawsuits, it also encompasses possible money laundering and drug charges. HSI is "digging deeper," a source added. The accusers have cooperated with authorities in the investigation and some have provided alleged evidence.

In addition to evidence acquired from Diddy's accusers, federal agents have video evidence that was potentially seized during the raids on his homes in Los Angeles and Miami. “They are contacting people that they’ve found on the tapes,” one source said.

A male sex worker who accused Diddy of assault has been questioned by investigators, who reportedly have the footage in which he is featured. Multiple lawsuits against Diddy accused him of filming sexual encounters without the accusers' consent.

The most recent lawsuit filed against Diddy was by a woman named April Lampros, who accused him of sexually assaulting her multiple times in the '90s and attempting to do so again in the early '00s. Diddy has denied the allegations, and most recently issued an apology after surveillance footage showed him assaulting Cassie in a hotel corridor in 2016.

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