Last year, Toronto's Sean Leon actualized a dream by collaborating with Kanye West on his Jesus Is King album, penning the song “Use This Gospel" (excluding the Clipse verses), and contributing to "Selah” and “Jesus Is Lord.” Say what you will about latter-day Kanye, but the experience was clearly something akin to transcendental for Leon, who, in an ebullient Instagram post about the collab, wrote, "Over 10 years, no one would fuck with me, and then in 6 months, everything changed." Leon's evidently still riding that high, teasing new music that sounds charged with the energy of a man who just discovered his own boundless potential. Leon's already hella talented as it is—to think he may have unlocked some new, Super Saiyan-esque form is a scary thought. He recently posted a snippet of a new tune on Instagram, with the caption: "Sean wants childish gambino, young thug and post malone on this." We concur with Sean. —Alex Nino Gheciu