Album: Modern Vampires of the City
Producer: Ezra Koenig,Rostam Batmanglij
Label: XL Recordings

Most of Vampire Weekend's Modern Vampires of the Cityalbum is made up of dulcet, mid-tempo indie-rock-something your best friends can two-step to in their boat shoes at a summer wedding. "Diane Young" isn't like that.

From the turbulent drums to the rockabilly squawk in Ezra Koenig's voice, basso sax, surfy guitar to technoey pitch-shifting effects, the band of preppy smarty-pantses gets wild and weird. Through the melodic haze, Koenig tells a classic cautionary tale full of clever wordplay. ("Irish and proud, baby, naturally/But you got the luck of a Kennedy...") This song is three minutes of musical excellence, and speaks to why Vampire Weekend is one of the best bands out right now. If "Diane Young" won't change your mind, baby, baby, baby... —Edwin Ortiz