Rap is beautiful, fluid, and powerful. It can move grown men to tears and transform suburbanites into hardened drug dealers for a few minutes at a time. Rap is poetry on HGH. And, when done properly, a rapper's silver tongue can rival any Shakespearean (or Petrarchan) sonnet. Plus, they have autotune, which puts Willy Shakes at a disadvantage.

Occasionally, it is the opposite. Whether it's a semantics issue that distorts the meaning, an accidental factual inaccuracy or just flat-out inanity, rap has its fair share of blunders. 2013 is no exception. We've reached the half-way mark, and there are plenty of mishaps from which to choose.

We have compiled a list, as we have been known to do, to show that rappers are not infallible demi-gods but real people who are susceptible to mistakes and, in some cases, not good at their job. These are The 13 Worst Rap Lyrics of 2013 (So Far).

Written by Bauce Sauce (@BauceSauce)

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