When: 2021
Key Pieces: Custom face masks, Yeezy Gap Round Jackets, and Balenciaga Crocs

One of the best parts of any Kanye West album rollout is seeing the wardrobe that will come along with it. For his most recent project Donda, he once again created a new signature style that fans will always be able to connect to the album. One of the standout items this time around: his face masks. It’s clear he loved the Margiela masks from his Yeezus tour because he has decided to revisit the concept. Some of them have been full face coverings with imagery like growling panthers similar to the one he was spotted in at the Balenciaga Fall 2021 couture show earlier this month. Other iterations have featured eye openings and were crafted using repurposed vintage T-shirts. Yeezy designer Greg Ross is reportedly behind the creation. His Yeezy Gap creations have take center stage as well. During the first Donda listening session in Atlanta, he wandered around a desolate Mercedes-Benz Stadium floor in a bright red version of the puffy Round Jacket. The blue and black colorways were spotted on him during a handful of appearances too. But his increased work with Demna’s Balenciaga may be the major development from the Donda era. Not only did the Georgian designer help craft the imagery of second and third Donda listening sessions and design merch for both events, Ye became an unofficial ambassador for the brand along the way. Spiked jackets, dad caps covered in white flames, and leather jackets were all highlighted in Ye’s stealthy all-black attire. And who could forget his signature pair of Balenciaga x Crocs boots that he seemed to not be able to take off. The partnership culminated in the announcement of an official Ye x Demna partnership, Yeezy Gap Engineered By Balenciaga, back in January. With Donda 2 reportedly around the corner, don’t expect Demna’s influence on Ye’s aesthetic to fade any time soon either. —Mike DeStefano