Some of July’s Biggest Jewelry Purchases Like Drake’s $1 Million Tupac Ring, Rick Ross’ $20 Million Watch, and More

Take a look at some of the biggest celebrity jewelry purchases of July 2023 from Drake, Rick Ross, Travis Scott, and more.

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July was one of the hottest months on record but that didn’t stop all this ice from coming out. Again, another month has come to a close, which means it's time to round up some of the freshest and most expensive jewelry our favorite celebrities picked up these past couple weeks. While most of us could never imagine spending our life savings on a ring previously owned by a famous rapper (or an iced out Jacob & Co. watch) we could all afford to dream and appreciate these insane pickups.

Some of the highlights from this past month include Drake’s $1 million Tupac ring, a iced-out pendant that resembles a grenade owned by ASAP Rocky, a Jesus piece that Travis Scott made for his baby son, and more. Take a closer look at some of the biggest celebrity jewelry purchases from July 2023 below.

Drake’s $1 Million Tupac Ring

ASAP Rocky’s Grenade Pendant

Travis Scott’s ‘Baby Jack’ Jesus Piece

Rick Ross $20 Million “Billionaire Timeless Treasure” Watch

Big Sean’s “Crosshair” Grills

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