We’re only six months into 2016, and already so much has happened in the worlds of fashion and style. We started the year with a big bang: the first time a presentation during NYFW took place at Madison Square Garden, which, because Kanye West, also doubled as a listening party for one of the most highly anticipated albums of the yearThe event also spawned the resurgence of tour merch as a legitimate trend, with enough limited edition product to make every hypebeast’s wildest dreams come true. And if they weren’t releasing concert tees, musicians were flexing in other fashionable ways, casually resuscitating a footwear brand, like Rihanna, or partnering with a huge global retailer to launch a new brand, like Beyonce.

Fashion also kept it reliably weird and awesomely unpredictable in the first half of the year, capped by a $300 T-shirt with a DHL logo that became a status symbol. One of the biggest trends of last year, unisex clothing, has continued to bend gender lines, landing Jaden Smith in a huge women’s campaign in a skirt. And, of course, we said farewell to one of our most divisive designers, Hedi Slimane, who slipped back into anonymity after leaving Saint Laurent. It will be quite a feat if the second half of the year can top the first; for now, these are the Best Style Moments of 2016 (So Far).