Champion Collabs With Fearless Designers For Its “No Permission” Exhibit

See what happens when innovators are given free reign to design.

Woman examining a red hoodie on display at an exhibition
Woman examining a red hoodie on display at an exhibition

Before streetwear was even called streetwear, there was Champion. 

Champion effortlessly combines comfort, style, and culture to create a brand that's remained in your closet since day one. Whether you copped your Champion hoodie ten days ago or ten years ago, it's never been out of style.

Four people around a table with clothing and accessories, engaging in a creative activity

In celebration of that longevity, Champion launched its global "What Moves You" campaign as a rallying cry for creators the world over to craft with purpose. 

As part of that campaign, the brand recently unveiled an exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. Entitled “No Permission,” it highlights the brand’s influence on streetwear culture, while celebrating the next generation of designers who are already making their mark. 

Two people examining a baseball cap, one wearing a denim jacket, the other in a white top

The No Permission Collection features rare, early designs from the world’s most iconic streetwear brands, including Supreme and Pyrex, all made on Champion blanks (blank sweatshirts and tees). It also examines Champion’s role as a foundational player in streetwear while inspiring the next generation of creators to never ask for permission to make their mark on the world.

Two designers are working at a table with textile markers, focusing intently on their custom fashion creations

To help bring this all to life, Champion enlisted the artistic aid of some of the most talented rising fashion creators who each designed a one-of-one piece to display at the “No Permission” event. They included Qaysean Williams, Kate Weinberg, Justin Mensinger, Cheatin Snakes, and Anna Molinari. These brilliant designers all embody the power of self expression and do not seek permission to create, making them perfect partners for Champion’s No Permission exhibit.

Scroll through to see more photos from the event and its message of groundbreaking individualism.

Woman in a cropped hoodie and green pants stands before a photo board
Banner reads "THE PERMISSION COLLECTION" in a room with people setting up a display with clothing items
A rack of black Champion hoodies on display
Person viewing storefront with Supreme and Pyrex clothing displays, against a lit background

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