A label can have all the money and power in the world, but if they’re not catering to what the people want, they’re simply going to be left in the dust. Sure, some brands deftly manage to avoid this season-by-season trend struggle (we're looking at you Supreme), but those are the exceptions that prove the rule more than anything else. The brands that mattered this year tapped into the ideas and concepts that made guys everywhere want to update their wardrobes and get a piece of what everyone is talking about.

The top trends of this past year—​as dictated by the influence of celebrities, cool kids or designers themselves—have directly affected what we’re seeing on store shelves now and what will be there in the the near future. From the deluge of skate-focused brands making waves in high-fashion boutiques, to the red carpet ‘fits from our favorite award shows, the year would not have been as stylish as it was without these clothes and the people who wore them. We’re not telling you what to wear, we’re just here to show you what’s been popping. These are The Best Trends of 2015.