Worst subset: American Sportscasters 
Trigger: Any time Ronaldo or Messi are mentioned in the same sentence. 

Let’s be real for a moment: Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi have been the best two players in the world for the last seven or so years. They also play for opposite sides of the greatest club rivalry in the sport, so it’s natural for the two to be considered rivals. HOWEVER, extreme fanboys on Twitter have turned the beautiful game on its ugly head. If Ronaldo scores a hat trick, Messi’s loyal fanboys will (unprovoked) flood Twitter with claims that the game is rigged in favor of CR7 and that he doesn’t play the game right anyway. If Messi has an unbelievable game in his own right, CR7 fanboys will (also, unprovoked) flood Twitter with memes featuring Messi’s face after he lost the World Cup. When this happens, World War III ensues on social media.

It’s not just the fans, though. Have you ever heard an American sportscaster talk about soccer? They know nothing about world soccer and quickly Wikipedia Ronaldo & Messi’s accolades every four years when the World Cup rolls around. They spend a lot of time pretending the Real Madrid vs. Barcelona rivalry is due to Ronaldo vs. Messi and then a lot more time criticizing Ronaldo for being flashy and Messi for not winning a World Cup. No need for me to name people who are guilty of this, I’m sure their Twitter mentions are a hot garbage fire due to the ever loyal CR7 / Messi fanboys. —RE