A fan who believes that what he sees in the ring is real and competitive. Today, aside from young children, very few marks still exist. So, in modern times, “mark” more commonly refers to a fan who is willing to play along and suspend his disbelief. Having a genuine emotional reaction to the show is referred to as “marking out.” The opposite of a mark is a “smark,” or smart mark. This is a fan who is ‘smart’ to the business, and knows that what he is seeing is scripted. In modern times, however, “smark” more commonly refers to a fan who criticizes the show from a backstage perspective, believing that he knows better than the writers.

Fan #1: “When the Dudley Boyz returned to Raw and put their opponents through tables, I marked the hell out!”
Fan #2: “Ugh, the writers suck. Why can’t we get some independent wrestlers? The Dudleys are so old now. They’re probably going to job to everyone on the roster.”
Fan #1: “You stupid smark. Just shut up and just enjoy the show.”