Sometimes, the spirit of competition can get the best of NBA players, leading to normal human mistakes that they later regret. But sometimes, players go into games with an agenda and are determined to cause trouble in any way they can. There’s a difference between competitive and just plain dirty. In NBA history, we’ve seen guys like Metta World Peace, Bill Laimbeer, Charles Oakley, and Bruce Bowen flat out cross the line in order to retaliate or make a statement. Even some of the greatest players to ever touch a basketball like Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett have had their share of dirty plays.

Today’s NBA is less physical and more sensitive than it was back in the day, but the dirty plays are still present. From groin shots to unnecessary hard fouls, we’ve seen a variety of bush league antics from players. Zaza Pachulia, for example, has never dominated NBA headlines for his actual skill, but he has dominated them for his countless cheap shots. Most recently, his name was back in the news after he got into it with Russell Westbrook during a game against the Thunder, which led to Westbrook saying Pachulia is "for sure" a dirty player.

Gilbert Arenas and the Out of Bounds crew discussed Pachulia's dirty play on Monday's episode and also touched on some of the other dirty players in the league this season. Scroll down to check out the dirtiest players in the NBA today.