Ever since Travis Scott began collaborating on footwear, his name has found its way onto a number of lists, from the industry’s top collaborators, to a number of sneaker of the year features. Everywhere you look, Travis’ name is predominantly featured in the world of sneakers. There is not a whole lot more that we can say about him to explain that he sits atop the footwear influencer pantheon on his own. For the better part of three years now, Travis has been working with Nike and the Jordan Brand to pump out collaboration after collaboration, each one selling out quicker than the last. Beyond that, the platinum rapper has had a steady hand in the resurgence of one of the industry’s most hyped sneakers at the moment—the Nike Dunk. 

But for Travis’ birthday this year, we got together to not only examine Travis’ time on top, but to take a look at where it all started for him in the world of sneakers: back when he was starring in Reebok campaigns for the 30th anniversary of the Classic Leather, and back when he was helping James Harden roll out his first signature sneaker. It was clear that brands pegged Travis as a key player in this whole thing early on, but no one could have predicted where he is right now. 

With a ton of Nike collabs behind him, Travis looks to a future that includes a second Jordan 6 that dropped today, two Air Jordan 1s designed in collaboration with Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Fragment Design, and a rumored five-pack of Nike Air Max 1s that the brand teased on Air Max Day. To celebrate Cactus Jack’s birthday, check out his comprehensive sneaker timeline below. — Ben Felderstein