With over 30 years in the game, Union Los Angeles is one of the most revered stores in sneakers and streetwear. Chris Gibbs––who’s worked at Union since 1996 and became owner in 2010––and his team have been creating coveted Nikes longer than many of today’s consumers realize. These days, many people are familiar with Union through its various Air Jordan collaborations and most recently, its Cortez collection. But the West Coast-based brand, which also has a door in Tokyo, has been a pivotal figure since the mid-2000s.

Beginning with its “Clerks Pack” Nike Air Force 180 (a 2005 collection which also saw projects with retailers Undefeated, Stüssy, Huf, Nort, True, and Size?), Union kicked things off with a vibrant revision of the 1992 basketball sneaker made famous by Charles Barkley. It took a bit of a hiatus after that, popping back up with a duo of Dunk Highs in 2009 before going quiet again. The next Union x Nike drop wouldn’t come until 13 years later, but the brand’s Air Jordan 1 was more than worth the wait. Since then, it’s been full steam ahead for Union’s Nike collaborations.

Whether you’re someone who’s been following the brand since the beginning and are feeling nostalgic, or you’re looking to brush up on your history, you’ll find a complete ranking of all of Union’s Nike and Air Jordan collaborations below. This list will be updated as new projects are released.