Without basketball there wouldn't be sneaker culture in America, and there's no bigger event for the sport than the NBA Finals. It's when the biggest stars shine brightest and the brands outfit them with their best sneakers. It's become a bigger occasion year after year and footwear companies go to war to make sure their signature athletes capture the audience's attention with their sneaker selection.

Michael Jordan. Kobe Bryant. LeBron James. They've all won multiple rings, and they've done it in sneakers that are undeniably tied to their performances on the court. Winning a championship does wonders for a player's legacy in the NBA, and the same can be said for their signature sneakers, too. Sure basketball players wore sneakers before MJ, but he turned the world upside down when he won his first championship in 1991. From that point on, nothing's been the same. With that said, here are The Best Sneakers in the NBA Finals Every Year Since Michael Jordan's First Championship.