The Best Sneakers in the NBA Finals Every Year Since Michael Jordan's First Championship

From MJ's Air Jordans to Kobe and LeBron's Nike sneakers, these are the best basketball sneakers to hit the hardwood at the NBA Finals from 1991 to 2022.

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The Best Sneakers in the NBA Finals Every Year Since Michael Jordan's First Championship

Without basketball there wouldn't be sneaker culture in America, and there's no bigger event for the sport than the NBA Finals. It's when the biggest stars shine brightest and the brands outfit them with their best sneakers. It's become a bigger occasion year after year and footwear companies go to war to make sure their signature athletes capture the audience's attention with their sneaker selection.

Michael Jordan. Kobe Bryant. LeBron James. They've all won multiple rings, and they've done it in sneakers that are undeniably tied to their performances on the court. Winning a championship does wonders for a player's legacy in the NBA, and the same can be said for their signature sneakers, too. Sure basketball players wore sneakers before MJ, but he turned the world upside down when he won his first championship in 1991. From that point on, nothing's been the same. With that said, here are The Best Sneakers in the NBA Finals Every Year Since Michael Jordan's First Championship.

1991: Air Jordan VI

1991 best finals sneaker

1992: Air Jordan VII

1992 best finals sneaker

1993: Nike Air Force Max

1993 best finals sneaker

1994: Nike Air Swift

1994 best finals sneaker

1995: Nike Air Flight One

1995 best finals sneaker

1996: Air Jordan XI

1996 best finals sneaker

1997: Air Jordan XII

1997 best finals sneaker

1998: Air Jordan XIV

1998 best finals sneaker

1999: And1 Crossover

Latrell Sprewell in the 1999 NBA Finals

2000: Adidas Kobe One

2000 best finals sneaker

2001: Reebok Answer IV

2001 best finals sneaker

2002: Nike Air Max Uptempo PE

2002 best finals sneaker

2003: Nike Zoom Flight 2K3

2003 best finals sneaker

2004: Nike Air Huarache 2K4

2004 best finals sneaker

2005: Nike Air Force 1

2005 best finals sneaker

2006: Nike Air Zoom Flight "The Glove" PE

2006 best finals sneaker

2007: Nike Zoom Soldier

LeBron James during 2007 NBA Finals

2008: Nike Hyperdunk

2008 best finals sneaker

2009: Nike Zoom Kobe IV

2009 best finals sneaker

2010: Nike Zoom Kobe V

2010 best finals sneaker

2011: Nike LeBron 8 P.S.

2011 best finals sneaker

2012: Nike LeBron 9 Elite

2012 best finals sneaker

2013: Nike Zoom LeBron 10 Elite

2013 best finals sneaker

2014: Air Jordan XX8 SE PE

2014 best finals sneaker

2015: Nike Kyrie 1

2015 best finals sneaker

2016: Nike LeBron Soldier X

2016 best finals sneaker

2017: Under Armour Curry 4

Steph Curry during the 2017 NBA Finals

2018: Nike LeBron 15

nike lebron 15 nba finals

2019: New Balance OMN1S

Kawhi Leonard New Balance OMN1S 2019 NBA Finals

2020: Nike Kobe V Protro

2020 NBA Finals Anthony Davis Nike Kobe 5

2021: Nike Kobe IV Protro

PJ Tucker 2021 NBA Finals Game 2

2022: Under Armour Curry 4 Flotro

Stephen Curry 2022 NBA Finals

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