For all intents and purposes, the Yeezy Boost 350 is the sneaker that made Kanye West’s partnership with Adidas a global success. The flow of that first design has slowed down, but Adidas followed it up with the v2, a slightly modified take on the original. The biggest differences on the newer sneaker is a higher cut on the upper and the noticeable “SPLY 350” that appears on the side of the shoe. Oh, and the fact that Adidas decided to make an exponentially more v2s than the original 350. Some say that it may have devalued the Yeezy line, but it also made it more accessible to the average person. Adidas also did something unheard of for Kanye’s sneakers this time: It released three pairs in one swoop, then followed it up with another pair a few weeks later. Kanye’s promise of everyone getting Yeezys has nearly came true, and we’re not mad at it. Neither is Adidas. Matt Welty