Network: STARZ
Season: 3 (Final season)
Where to Watch: STARZ

The 30-minute drama is an underrated television format that’s finally gotten some traction in recent years, particularly on STARZ, which has aired half hours including The Girlfriend, Sweetbitter, and most notably, Vida. When the series premiered in 2018, estranged sisters Lyn (Melissa Barrera) and Emma (Mishel Prada) were brought back to East L.A. by the death of their mother Vida and decided to make a go of running Vida’s bar with Vida’s wife they never knew about, Eddy. Over the course of three seasons that dug deep into family secrets, issues of ethnic and sexual identity and gentrification, and lots of sex and arguing, Lyn and Emma and Eddy never exactly figured out how to get along all the time in their strange new life together. But in the series finale, it felt like the journey concluded on an optimistic note, with the three of them starting to become the family they always could have been. —Al Shipley