Drake Highlights Contemplative Clip From Netflix’s 'A Man in Full' Amid Ongoing Kendrick Lamar Beef Talk

We last heard from Drake on his Kendrick diss "The Heart Part 6," one of several back-and-forth cuts between the two artists.

Drake in a denim jacket with pineapple and flower designs, looking serious
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Drake in a denim jacket with pineapple and flower designs, looking serious

Drake is highlighting a contemplative moment from the recently released Netflix miniseries A Man in Full as the world continues to discuss his and Kendrick Lamar’s historic (and possibly over, or at least temporarily paused) slew of diss tracks.

As Wednesday turned to Thursday, Drake shared the opening seconds of the Jeff Daniels-starring series, which is an adaptation of the Tom Wolfe novel of the same name. In the clip, Daniels’ character, failing real estate mogul Charlie Croker, ponders the "memories" he will leave behind upon his demise, even by those who may "hate" him.

"I don’t mean this as a criticism. Maybe I do," Croker is heard saying in the clip, which sees the character laying on the ground, seemingly in distress. "But when you die, will people notice? When I go, there are gonna be a lot of memories of me by a lot of people. Many who hate me. Even so, a person needs to live with vigor. Otherwise, what’s the point?"

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A Man in Full, also featuring Diane Lane and Lucy Liu, hit the streamer last week. Of the drama's six episodes, three were helmed by One Night in Miami... director and Oscar-winning If Beale Street Could Talk actress Regina King, including the episode Drake excerpted on his IG Stories.

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We last heard from the For All the Dogs artist with "The Heart Part 6," a track that notably saw the 6 God asserting that he and OVO had intentionally fed Kendrick misinformation. The tone of the track, which as of this writing remains the last diss to have been released in the back-and-forth, suggests that this could very well be Drake's last word on the matter.

J. Cole, meanwhile, is reportedly busy pursuing calmness at the beach after bowing out of all of this with an apology last month.

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