Network: Netflix
Season: 2
Where to Watch: Netflix

Diego Luna’s turn as Felix Gallardo has been one of his best roles yet. This second season is centered around Gallardo’s downfall as he tries to take control of Colombia’s stranglehold on the cocaine business. Gallardo and his team were the ones who figured out how to make cannabis without seeds (sinsemilla in Spanish) effectively changing the weed game forever. Now Felix sets his sights for bigger and better things all while the walls around him begin to close in as his political influence disintegrates due to his role in the torture and murder of DEA agent Kiki Camarena (Michael Pena). And as Gallardo is dealing with the crumbling of his empire, Chapo is laying the groundwork for Sinaloa’s takeover, so I think it’s safe to assume Season 3 will cover his rise to becoming the richest drug dealer to ever live. Luna encapsulates the anxieties and paranoia Gallardo must’ve been going through and Season 2 does a good job at closing the Guadalajara Cartel’s chapter. —Angel Diaz