Network: Netflix
Stars: Justina Machado, Todd Grinnell, Rita Moreno

Many tweets have let the world know that if you’re looking for a real sitcom about a working-class American family, you should’ve been rocking with One Day at a Time instead of Roseanne. That’s an actual fact, but it’s actually deeper than that. While Roseanne’s 10th season left a lot to be desired (and her racist antics ended up in the show being canceled), One Day at a Time is a series that feels like it learned from what the previous iterations of Roseanne Barr’s series brought forth. One Day highlights the struggles of immigrants, the LGBTQ community, and more, including a raw look at what soldiers living with PTSD really go through. It’s one of the more important series on any platform today, and was so vital that fans and critics made sure their voices were heard when the question of a third season came up. If you’re not up on One Day at a Time, why do you hate yourself?  —khal